Palgrave Macmillan Female Administrators of the Third Reich

This book compares female administrators who specifically chose to serve the Nazi cause in voluntary roles with those took on such work as a progression of established careers. Under regime, secretaries, SS Helferinnen (female auxilia


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Emerald Publishing Limited Sexual Violence on Campus

Activists have been working to call attention to the problem of campus sexual violence for decades, and in recent years, policymakers, administrators, researchers begun to serious efforts to address this issue. Despite in


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Corwin Emotional and Behavioral Problems

The authors take a complex, under discussed topic and give teachers administrators useful, basic guidelines they can put to quickly in understanding, identifying, helping this special group of students.


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Routledge Optimizing Learning Outcomes

Optimizing Learning Outcomes provides answers for the most pressing questions that mental health professionals, teachers, and administrators are facing in today's schools. Chapters a wide array of evidence based resources includin


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Routledge Handbook of Classroom Management

Classroom management is a topic of enduring concern for teachers, administrators, and the public. It consistently ranks as first or second most serious educational problem in eyes of general public, beginning


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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Academic Conferences for School and Teacher

Academic conferences increase collaboration and support collegial dialogue between teachers, principals, district administrators, while providing a forum education professionals to consider school practices old new, plan ways to be


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Routledge Marketing the Group Practice

A practical guide for providers and administrators in the health industry, this stimulating volume explains how to effectively use a variety of marketing practices such as advertising, public relations, fund raising, "word of mouth" from satis


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Routledge Social Work Leadership in Healthcare

In this insightful book, a broad group of social work managers discusses what makes an effective administrator. The contributing authors describe their and environment, detailing qualities traits are needed within t


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Springer Quality Evaluation in Non Invasive Cardiovascular Imaging

This handbook provides hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, along with their medical technical directors administrators, necessary information tools to develop quality initiatives. The specific aims of thi


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Routledge Sharing Our Intellectual Traces

Administrators of academic professional and technical communication (PTSC) programs have long relied upon lore stories of what works to understand communicate about the of administration. Stories are interesting, telling, engagi


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